As stated in Webster’s dictionary, a “Gastropub” is described as a pub, bar, or tavern that also offers meals of high quality (HQ). HQ® stands for “high quality.” Our proprietary recipes of Global cuisine combined with entertainment benefits are just a part of our broad appeal. Our recipe for success is a combination of outstanding food, beverage, staff, atmosphere, music and art…creating a memorable mix that works. The interior design is a fresh twist to the traditional Gastropub; which we refer to as a “Gastro-lounge experience.” We embody one of the most popular restaurant trends of recent years where a “prohibition-era of drink parlor” meets cutting age audio/video technology, various musical attributes and fashionable lounge-style type seating. Our design is a casually fashionable environment with rich and bold colors, softened by the warmth of natural wood accents, and enhanced by an eco-friendly décor with beautiful crystal chandeliers. The essence of the visual ambiance is an attractive motif of musical artists, fashionable design, and classic vintage guitars.Every detail of HQ® Gastropub has been strategically designed to stimulate an energetic feeling. Our unique use of music and imagery enables the brand to stand as an “authoritative destination,” for eating, drinking and hanging out.